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The Sacramento Brass Band Collective

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Mission Statement

To engage the community through second line parades and performances. To promote integrity and pride and community settings by creating.


Our Objectives

Provide free arts exposure and performance opportunities to the public

Promote and support the Sacramento brass bands and musicians while serving the community

Partner with community organizations to engage neighborhoods 

Teach youth in the community how to engage their neighborhoods in positive and impactful ways



The Sacramento Brass Band Collective is an ensemble of musicians from Element Brass Band, The City of Trees Brass Band, The New Female Double X Brass Band, Dirty Chops, and Bigger Than Us Arts Brass Band. Our mission is to engage the community through second line parades and performances. Collectively we believe that a second line parade is a great opportunity for the community to positively express itself. It allows the community to play, sing, dance, and heal together.  The Sacramento Brass Band Collective assembles to assist in parades, concerts, and performances. We represent the New Orleans culture and bring new creative opportunities to the community.

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