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"My name is Bebe Fang, a 10th grader attending Valley High School. You can find me at most BTU Arts events playing the alto saxophone. A couple of interests of mine are music and science. In the future, I plan to move out Sacramento and move to Newport to attend UC Irvine and major in science.

BTU Arts is a very important program to me because it gives me an opportunity to connect more with my community. BTU Arts also introduces music to younger audiences and gives them a chance to learn music. It’s important to have a program like this because it expands the choices for children to create as they grow older."

2019 BTU Arts Interns


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"My name is Lilianna Martinez, my graduation year is 2021, and I attend Valley High School. I enjoy being hardworking, social, and devoted to learning, whether that be musical or educational. I have been playing the clarinet for 4 years, participating in marching band, jazz, jazz camp, attending Sacramento State Band Day, and attending a number of parades, and attending Cal Sac multiple times; however,  I’m very interested at robotics/ coding and engineering as well. I currently in a program at my school, in my engineering program, where I meet with an intern from Sac State and discuss engineering related ideas and plans for success in college. Currently, after high school I want to attend University Calirfornia Irvine and major in Forensic Science. It is important to have programs like BTU Arts because it allows opportunities to have experience dealing with arts and provides activities for people who are interested and wouldn’t be able to receive the experiences without the program."
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"My name Summer Le. I currently attend Samuel Jackman Middle School and I will graduate from Valley High School in 2023. After high school, I plan to major in neurology and minor in music at Stanford University. In my school band, I playthe trumpet. Outside of school, I take piano lessons. I love food, in fact, I consider eating as my favorite hobby. Other than stuffing my face, I do karate, taekwondo, wrestling, reading, and the occasional art of drawing. I am focusing on my music right now and with BTU Arts, I can finally have the chance to further my knowledge in the field and give back to the community and introduce the younger generation to many different opportunities."
"My name is Daniel Cervantes. I’m part of the class of 2019 at Valley High School. I’m planning on attending American River College and then transferring to Sacramento State, studying music. I express myself positively through music, both by playing instruments and through teaching people about the world of music. I mainly play the Clarinet and Saxophone, but I also play the Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Flute, and Tuba! I’m a very proud musician and I go out and usually find myself playing in places. I attended the Teagarden Jazz Camp and am a member of the Sacramento Youth Band. You can usually find me every second Sunday at the Elks Lodge, and I like to go out to Old Sacramento to play sometimes. On Wednesdays, I’m usually teaching a Guitar Class at the Mack Road Community Center. I think programs like BTU Arts are important as they bring things to the community that many others would never do. If it weren’t for Mr Shepard and BTU Arts, I don’t think I’d be the musician I am today."
"My name is Andrea Macias, I am 17 years old and I was born in South Sacramento. I attend Valley High School and I graduate in 2020.  I positively express myself through art and music. I love to draw and spend time being creative, I’ve also been playing drums for 6 years. I speak Spanish. I love to help and teach others. I would like to go to CalArts and study film and design. Programs like BTU Arts are very important because it gives people an opportunity to express themselves through art positively, and it also builds kids’ character. I am fortunate to be part of this program and learn many life skills through art."
"My name is Troy Madere, and I’m a senior at The Met High School.  Bottom line, I’m a teenager trying to go to college. I have the ambition and confidence that I will achieve in my current and future education.  I will attend Sacramento State University in Fall 2019 where I will study Criminology. I am extremely excited to open a new chapter in my life. I’m persistent, caring, and extremely funny person.  My interests are in guitar, and when I first picked up a guitar in 2017, I thought to myself, “This! This is something I really want to involve in my life.” I usually spend my time playing video games, watching TV, playing with my dog, and telling Dad Jokes.  But, BTU Arts is not only a program, it’s a family of very talented, bright people."
 "My name is Billy Her. I attend Valley High School class of 2021. I love to play music and dance, specifically breakdance. I Valley High band since my freshman year and have danced for the same amount of time. I plan to go to a 4 year college after high school and major in electrical engineering. This program is very important to have because it brings the community together. BTU Arts can give opportunities to young teens and adults do something they love."

"My name is Jose Venegas, I'm 15, Class of 2022,  born in South Sacramento and I attend Valley High School, I like to express myself by playing music and especially for the community. I play bass, tuba, trombone and electric guitar. I've been playing since 7th grade and I learn really fast. I come from a family of musicians and I also like to skate and write music. It is important to have a program like BTU Arts because without it we wouldn't be spreading love and positivity to the community."

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